Agua con sentido

H2O. Without water there is no life.
In the last 100 years we have consumed 70% of the planet’s freshwater reserves. With this headline we launch the report “Agua con sentido” (Water with meaning), a work that inaugurates our T&C Intelligence 2023 project. Water is an essential element to guarantee our development as a society, but it is a scarce natural resource with a very unequal distribution at a global level. In this sense, the UN has set access to clean and sanitised water as one of the main objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Agriculture (70%) and industry (20%) account for 90% of water use. The remaining 10% is for human supply. This distribution highlights the need to review the intelligent management of this resource. In fact, half of the natural reserves are concentrated in just 10 countries. Spain, which has compromised its water reserves, is currently the European leader in terms of the volume of water reused and the fifth country in the world ranking for this practice.
T&C Intelligence Series
On the occasion of our 20 years of communicating, which we celebrate in 2023, we are launching a series of initiatives including this project. From T&C Intelligence we want to analyse, through the analysis and handling of contrasted data, different structural challenges that we face, which are vital in many cases for our survival as individuals and as a society and which are often overshadowed by the maelstrom of current news. As a society, we have the right to demand the best possible management of all resources from those who govern us. But as a society, we also have an obligation to be concerned first and foremost about the state of those resources and to act accordingly. It is a social responsibility. For all of us.

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