Our goal:
to accompanyaccompany the traveller

The implementation of a digital marketing and communication strategy for Vueling's social networks and digital ecosystems allows the company to be present at every stage of the customer journey, accompanying the traveller from the moment they start planning their trip until they land and enjoy the experience at their destination.

T&C's work for Vueling, developed since 2019, has included the following services.

phone device

Social media

Development of a specific content strategy for each channel, including Facebook Spain, Facebook UK, Instagram and TikTok:

Definition, set up, launch strategy, and content generation on TikTok.

Proposal, development, and scheduling of organic content for social networks and performance analysis.

Design of the artwork for the always on strategy on all channels and video production and adaptations to all social media formats.

Conceptualisation, development and optimisation of the always on social paid media strategy aimed at the growth of social communities and the reinforcement of strategic content.

Engagement and boost of positive conversations with followers, influencers and spotters.

Activation of social listening & social intelligence, influencer marketing and social buzz.

Community ManagementManagement and Social CRM

Supervision, management and training of the Twitter and Facebook community managers’ team.

Coordination of processes, procedures and customer and reputational cases on Twitter and Facebook.

Supervision of the handling of reputational cases and impact analysis.

Monitoring and one-to-one meetings with Vueling’s internal community managers.

Quarterly workshops for training Vueling’s internal community managers.

Monitoring and management of reputational crisis.

Community management on Facebook Spain, Facebook UK and Facebook France.

Community management and social CRM on Twitter


Monitoring and reporting of the sentiment of Vueling’s social media channels.

Quantitative and qualitative reports for the analysis of the situation, evolution, optimisation and improvement of the social media channels.

Institutional campaigns’ reports.