We join this initiative of the Office of the European Parliament in Spain.

The #DóndeEstánEllas initiative aims to make visible the presence of women experts in the public space, especially as speakers at debates, events and conferences on European affairs.

With our incorporation as signatories, we commit to promoting and projecting the participation of women as speakers in public events and to carrying out an internal count, which analyzes each year how many women experts have participated as speakers in the European Parliament events -with the commitment to improving the percentage progressively-, also to giving visibility to the campaign and encouraging other entities to join the initiative, favoring synergies among them.

The words of our president Paula Carrera define our feelings as a company in joining this initiative: “I feel especially proud to be able to collaborate with this project as president of a company in which 95% of the workforce is made up of women, 90% on the board of directors. However, our situation does not exempt us, on the contrary, from the desire and the right to help all women whose situation is different. And she concludes that “this is a much-needed initiative on a social and professional level which, as signatories, we undertake to promote, project and disseminate”.

The signing ceremony, attended by Paula Carrera herself, was also attended by María Andrés, director of the European Parliament Office in Spain, and Marina Gomáriz, press officer of the European Parliament Office in Spain, both promoters of the #DóndeEstánEllas initiative.

Torres y Carrera