La salud de la sanidad

We present a new report from T&C Intelligence: ” La salud de la sanidad” (The health of healthcare), our analysis and vision of the situation and challenges facing healthcare in general and healthcare systems in particular, against the framework of public and private provision.

“We should be proud of the fact that Spain has always been among the best healthcare systems in the world. We are at a time when the speed of change is such that we need to address health challenges quickly so as not to be left behind and, today, we have the necessary tools and agents to do so”. With her words, Teresa del Pozo, our director of the health area, gives us a preview of some of the issues that we discuss in the analysis.

Healthcare and life expectancy

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence are some of the tools that are contributing to the advancement of medicine and healthcare. However, issues such as equitable access to quality healthcare and therapeutic innovation for the entire population pose major challenges for healthcare systems around the world.

The unprecedented wave of innovation in medicine in recent decades has made it possible to increase the life expectancy and quality of life of the population. In this context, Spain is the fourth country with the highest life expectancy, but also one of the oldest. Nearly a third of the Spanish population will be over 65 by 2050, which will put even more strain on our healthcare system.

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