los valores del remo

The values of rowing

The Alba Torres Carrera Foundation, in collaboration with the Chapela Rowing Club and the Berce Association -a non-profit organisation that manages shelters for children at risk or unprotected minors-, has organised a visit to the Club’s facilities for 30 children from this association.

Accompanied by T&C volunteers, who ensured the correct development of these exercises and their safety and well-being, the children had the opportunity to learn first-hand about this sport and share an afternoon with the base category rowers. They were also able to enjoy a practical session indoors, discovering the hard work of training that these athletes do, thanks to the pit and ergometer, which allow them to simulate real competition conditions. In addition, to round off the event, those who wished to, enjoyed the experience of rowing out to sea accompanied by the Club’s own rowers.

los valores del remo

Members of the T&C team acted as volunteers accompanying the children during the day

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness and promote the values promoted by this sport, especially those related to respect for the marine environment, teamwork, and commitment.

The Alba Torres Carrera Foundation has renewed its sponsorship of the base categories of Chapela Rowing Club for the third consecutive year, as indicated by the president of the Foundation herself, Nieves Barousse: “In 2023 we will continue to support the great Chapela rowing family in its sporting, social and cultural dimension”.

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