Urbania 2050

A few days before the municipal elections, in Torres y Carrera we thought it would be a good idea to update the urban map of the world to come. In recent weeks we have been so subjected to political discourse that it has become necessary to distance ourselves from immediacy in order to reflect on the future of cities with a broader perspective.

The summary of this view is concentrated in Urbania 2050, the third report for T&C Intelligence, a project we launched on the occasion of our 20th anniversary as a consultancy firm, which also includes Agua con sentido and La salud de la sanidad.

The most relevant concepts of this new analysis are hot topics that paradoxically have hardly been present in a municipal electoral process that has almost become a first round of general elections. Thus, in the face of the political agenda, we compare data from contrasted sources to project what life will be like in the cities of the mid-21st century.

A planet of overpopulated cities.

Urbania 2050 is a work of analysis and social, economic, and environmental reflection on key aspects of current and future life. Issues such as water and health have been the subject of analysis, as now are the current models of urban life. The starting point is the information extracted from the population surveys of organisations such as UNESCO, the World Bank, and the European Union, which coincide in combining two elements that will define the next 25 years for humanity: the effects of climate change and the concentration of the world’s population (70%) in urban environments.

Data and elements are advancing to converge on a very near horizon. An unavoidable evolution subject to tangible changes that condition not only our way of communicating them properly but, in essence, our way of living.

Torres y Carrera